Administrative Offices

Administrative & Financial Affairs Office

The Administrative and Financial Affairs Office provides the efficient financial and administrative services, purchases the necessary goods, and completes the operations regarding tuition payments, accounting transactions, planning and implementing the budget, and preparing the annual budget report.

The specific duties of the Administrative and Financial Affairs Office are:


 Carrying out the payment regarding education and other procedures of university;


 Supplying all necessary materials, tools, and equipment during education period;


 Managing the services regarding cleaning, lighting, heating, maintenance, and repair;


 Coordinating the civil defense, security, and environmental control;


 Performing other duties assigned by the Rectorate as prescribed in legislation.


Phone + (252) 211 11 16
Fax + (252) 211 11 36

Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University Administrative & Financial Affairs Office 48000 / Kötekli Campus / Muğla


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