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Computing & Information Services Office

The Computing and Information Services Office provides central computing and networking services for the educational, research, and administration needs of the university. In an effort to ensure a high quality information technology services, the Computing and Information Services Office manages technological network across the university comprised of a number of departmental networks, PC laboratories, and multi-user hosts connected campus wide. 




The specific duties of the Computing and Information Services Office are:


 Providing university automation system by taking into consideration the newly developed  information technology resources;


 Managing a high quality computer service and proficient technical support;


 Developing the productivity of university technological operations;


 Coordinating the projects contributing to the development of the computing and information services;


 Organizing computer courses for the university staff and students in order to provide training on the usage of the Student Information System and Online Distance Teaching/Learning.


Phone + (252) 211 12 45
Fax + (252) 211 12 63

Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University Computing & Information Services Office 48000 / Kötekli Campus / Muğla


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