Studying at MSKU

Foreign Language Education

Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University offers a foreign language preparatory programme for freshmen. The School of Foreign Languages plays a key role as a central support service for those needing to develop their foreign language skills, particularly English. Students who register in the 30-week foreign language preparatory programme during the first year of their education are required to take the placement test at the beginning of the fall term.

Students who achieve a certain comprehension level in the foreign language preparatory programme and afterward satisfactorily complete a predetermined number of courses in English during their degree programme are awarded with the ‘foreign language supported degree’ certificate.

Attending the foreign language preparatory programme is compulsory for the students studying geology engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, metallurgy and materials engineering, mining engineering, German language education, and English language education. Those who pass the foreign language competency examination set by the school, those who have an adequate score from one of the internationally accepted language proficiency examinations (TOEFL, IELTS, CPE, etc.), or those who obtain a score of no less than 60 in KPDS (National Language Proficiency Test) become exempt from their preparatory year and can register directly to their assigned department.

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