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Legal Consultancy Office

The Legal Consultancy Office is an administrative unit that provides the university with the legal advice according to the legal, financial, and administrative issues, examines the issues conducted in written form on behalf of the university, and works on the protocols, agreements, and contracts in regards to the national and international cooperation of the university.



The specific duties of the Legal Consultancy Office are:


 Identifying and analyzing the legal issues of the university;


 Coordinating and distributing  the duties between units staff;


 Examining the latest developments regarding the law, regulations, and legislation;


 Defending the university’s right in the conflict situations by following the national and international law rules;


 Performing the other duties assigned by the Rectorate as prescribed in the legislation;


Phone + (252) 211 10 35
Fax + (252) 211 10 38

Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University Legal Consultancy Office 48000 / Kötekli Campus / Muğla


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