Studying at MSKU

Scholarships and Job Opportunities

Successful students and those with limited financial means can take advantage of the scholarships and loans provided by the Sıtkı Koçman Foundation and the university administration. Students are also given advice and guidance on loans and scholarships provided by different governmental and non-governmental organisations, charities, and foundations. The Sıtkı Koçman Foundation provides scholarships for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Special loans are available for handicapped students, for children of deceased parents, and for students who have suffered from effects of natural disasters.

The scholarship by the Prime Ministry Fund is granted on academic success. Students may apply for the scholarship personally with the application forms available in Governor's Offices. Successful applications are announced at faculties and schools. Universities regularly inform the Fund about the academic standing of the students who receive funding and those who cannot maintain the required success rate are no longer granted the scholarship.

The University also offers free lunch tickets within a quota for students with limited financial means. Students who wish to receive such aid should apply to their faculty or school administration.

The Health, Culture and Sports Activities Office provides part time job opportunities for students who wish to work during their studies. Students can work for certain hours at such places as the catering halls, the Culture and Arts Centre, the Internet Café, sport halls, the Central Library, the International Relations Office, and the Office of Computing and Information Services.

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