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Computer and Internet Facilities

Administrated and technically supported by the Computing and Information Services Office, the university provides central computing and networking services for the educational, research, and administration needs of the university. The campus technological network is comprised of a number of departmental networks, PC laboratories, and multi-user hosts connected campus wide.

Computers used in PC laboratories, administrative offices, and academic offices within the university are constantly increased in number and upgraded to meet the needs of staff and students. Faculties and schools also hold projection machines, notebooks, and other supplementary devices to assist the teaching staff with visual support for lectures.

The network infrastructure of the university has greatly improved in recent years. The Internet connection through ULAKBIM (National Academic Network and Information Centre) was increased to 300 Mbps, and 1-4 Gbps fibre optic cables now reach 22,000 metres throughout the campus.

The university’s web mail system gives students and staff the opportunity to easily access electronic mail free of charge. 25 MB web space is provided for each student account. Students can do online course registration, track their exam results, and use Internet banking facilities with the usernames and passwords given by the university.

The IP Telephone Service, which enables voice communication over the Internet using the fibre optic backbone, makes direct external calls possible for every academic and administrative personnel.

In an effort to increase computer literacy within the university and the region, the Computer and Information Services Office organises computer courses for the university staff and public. Courses on basic information technologies have been run since 1996 and attendees receive certificates upon successful completion. The office also provides training on the usage of the Student Information System for all teaching staff.

Ali Koçman Student Centre for Culture and Arts houses an Internet café where students can use facilities for recording, printing, and scanning.

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