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Public Dormitories

Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University offers undergraduate student accommodation for male and female students on campus. Applications for university student dormitories must be placed through the National Student Accommodation Organisation (Yurt-Kur). The capacity of the state dormitories located on campus is nearly 4,000 students. Since they are mainly subsidised by the state, monthly fees for the student dormitories are reasonably low. Advice and information concerning accommodation in the student dormitories can be obtained from the Registrar’s Office.

The student dormitories on campus are within walking distance of the academic buildings and provide a good environment for social needs. All rooms are furnished and general cleaning services are provided in each hall. Facilities within the dormitories include central heating, study areas, library, laundry rooms, showers, hobby rooms, a hair salon, a game room, table tennis, chess, and pool salons. All student halls are equipped with canteens and cafeterias to cater for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Guidance is also provided at accommodation desks set during registration weeks about other available accommodation run by foundations, private enterprises or individuals. In the city centre and in Kötekli Village, where the campus is located, there are several pensions, houses, apartments, and halls especially planned and furnished for temporary student residence. The current capacity of these residences reaches 2,000. Average room prices vary according to the facilities and the number of sharing persons. A deposit may be required in some rentals.

Another popular accommodation option among students is renting an apartment. Prices may vary depending on the district, quality, and size. Many students share their apartments to keep costs down, and they usually find places to meet their needs and preferences.

Private Dormitories

Residorm serves as a dorm chain with its corporate structure under the control of the university management inside the Mugla Sitki Kocman University Kotekli Campus and it also offers great opportunities with the slogan of ‘We are inside the campus, next to the faculties’.

With the advantage of the being inside the campus, students will stay away from the stress of missing the classes and transportation costs while they will also have the opportunity to stay at Residorm without paying any extra costs for electricity, water, heating and Internet. Residorm aims to overcome one of the biggest problems students face during their university lives by providing breakfast and dinner services inside the dorm.

Residorm students can meet their needs without leaving the campus from the stores such as market, café, restaurant, gym and hairdresser in bazaar area adjacent to the Residorm.

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