Education Facilities & Services

Central Departments for General Studies

The following departments, which administratively operate under the Rectorate, contribute to the teaching and learning of various units.

Department of Turkish Language

This department provides a suitable environment to carry out studies in the Turkish language and is responsible for running compulsory Turkish courses. It also organizes educational activities on the correct usage and development of the Turkish language.

Department of Atatürk’s Principles and History of the Turkish Republic

This department has been established for the purposes of providing and encouraging studies on the life, principles, and revolutions of Atatürk, the founder of Turkey, and on the history of the Turkish Republic. It also organises academic activities, such as conferences, panels, and seminars, providing a supporting research environment for scholars.

Department of Informatics

Informatics is an interdisciplinary field that combines computers, communication, information, and management. It helps connect theory and practice in many disciplines. The Informatics Department is responsible for the Information Technologies education of every student within the university and also for the training of instructors.

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