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Course Load and Degree Requirements

The curriculum of a specific degree programme is developed by the relevant department and approved by the University Senate subsequent to the decision taken by the relevant faculty/school administrative committee.

Course grades and graduation status are determined according to the principles of the credit system. Evaluations are done using the established grading scale.

In order to graduate, students must fulfil the minimum graduation credit requirement and must successfully complete all the required courses along with the elective courses as determined by the department or the programme in which they are registered. There are four main types of courses offered: required, elective, prerequisite, and foreign language. Students must take all the required courses (common or professional) in the degree programme, unless exempted from the course. Elective courses are mainly on the professional/technical area but depending on their area of interest, students may choose to take a certain number of elective courses offered by another department or programme. Departments may also have prerequisite courses, which are approved by the University Senate.

Only those students who have successfully completed the Foreign Language Preparatory Programme are eligible to take courses within the Foreign Language Supported Programme. These can be technical/professional courses, cultural/art courses, or advanced language courses instructed in a foreign language. Turkish Language, Principles of Atatürk and History of the Turkish Republic, and Basic Information Technologies are the non-credit but required courses for all students in all departments.

Some departments and programmes require students to fulfil a period of practical or industrial training (60 working days for the bachelor’s degree programmes and 40 working days for associate’s degree programmes) and successfully complete a graduate project or thesis, in order to graduate.

Each course is allotted a predetermined number of credits. The credit of a course is mainly calculated by adding the number of in-class hours per week and half of the study hours spent outside of class per week. A student’s academic standing is calculated as a Grade Point Average (GPA) and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) by taking into account all the courses taken by the student during the whole degree programme.

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