Administrative Offices

Secretary General

The Secretary General carries out all administrative duties of the university, coordinates the meetings organization and reporting procedures of the Administrative Board, corporates with the internal and external stakeholders in order to create an effective performance management.


The specific duties of the Secretary General Office are:


 Promoting the effective cooperation among all administrative offices of university;


 Dispatching  and distributing official documents;


 Arranging the meetings of Senate and Board of Directors;


 Following up the implementation and preparation of the rules and regulations with regard to our university;


 Providing the preparation of university protocols and agreements, including the proof reading of the texts, submission for signature, and sending the international protocols to the Higher Education Council.

Phone + (252) 211 10 26
Fax + (252) 211 92 80

Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University Secretary General 48000 / Kötekli Campus / Muğla


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