Campus Life

Transportation, Communication, Banking, and Shopping Facilities

Scheduled municipal bus services, as well as private minibus services, run continuously between the city centre and the main campus. Private minibuses also run between the centre and areas of Muğla where many of the university’s vocational schools are located. Transportation within campus is free of charge throughout the day on a set schedule.

Students can make domestic and international calls using payphones available around campus and in school buildings. Students can also purchase prepaid GSM phone cards for domestic communication. The campus post office is open during working hours on weekdays for all postal needs.

Many national banks have ATM machines on campus that offer banking transactions.

Shopping facilities are abundant in and around the city. Supermarkets and grocery stores are available at almost every corner. There is also a shopping centre on campus run by the Sıtkı Koçman Foundation. This centre consists of news shops, a bookshop, coach ticket agencies, a laundrette, a hairdresser, a gift shop, and cafes.

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