Research at MSKU

Laboratories and Workshops

Since practical work and demonstration form an important part of a university education, Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University has installed modern laboratories, workshops, and other research facilities.

Environmental Research Laboratory

The Environmental Research Laboratory is an important centre for Muğla Province. It provides facilities for physical, chemical, and microbiological analyses in the fields related to environmental health.

Teaching and Research Laboratories of Natural Sciences

General Biology

Botanic Research

Computer Aided Microscopy

Cryptology Research


General Biology


Hydrobiology Research


Zoology Research


Physiology Research

Analytical Chemistry Research

Biochemistry Research

Elemental Analysis

Inorganic Chemistry Research

Inorganic Industry

Organic Chemistry Research

Organic Industry

Physicochemistry Research

Computational Physics

Computer Simulation

Electrical Characterization Research

Functional Ceramics

High Energy Physics Research

Mechanics and Electrics

Modern Physics

Nuclear Physics


Quantum Physics

Solar Energy Research


Solid State Physics

Semi-conductor Materials Characterization

Other Laboratories

Agricultural Research Laboratory

Aquaculture Laboratory

Cartography and Surveying Laboratory

Computer Laboratories

Construction Laboratory

Electrical Measurement Laboratory

Electrics Laboratory

Industrial Electronics

Language Laboratories

Leaf Analysis Laboratory

Medical Laboratories

Mycology Laboratory

Optics Laboratory

Physiology Laboratory

Soil Analysis Laboratory

Ventilation and Air-conditioning Laboratory

Furniture Mechanical Testing Laboratory

Wood Pathology Laboratory


Carpet Weaving Workshop

Furniture and Woodworking Workshop (1800m2)

Various workshops on wood processing

Jewellery Design Workshop

Ornamental Stones Embroidery Workshop

Restoration Workshop

Technical Drafting  Workshops

Purpose Built Facilities

Apiculture Field

Aquarium Room


Printing Office

Purpose Built Garden

Rhythmic Gymnastics Hall

Solar Timber Drying Kiln 

Tourism and Hotel Services Application Hotel

Bilgi İşlem Dairesi Başkanlığı