2,500 Fishes Distributed on World Fishing Day

Last Update : 29.11.2019 00:00
Our university’s Faculty of Fisheries distributed 2,500 fish cooked on the grill to the staff and students on World Fisheries Day.
In order to increase fish consumption in our province, which has great potential in terms of fisheries, the second event was held this year and the cooked fish were distributed between bread and halva and turnip juice free of charge.
Students and staff showed great interest in the fish breads distributed at the Blue Roof Cafeteria.
Dean of Faculty of Fisheries Prof. Dr. Celal Ateş stated that they aimed at increasing the habit of consuming fish in young people with these kind of activities. 
Basın, Halkla İlişkiler ve Protokol Müdürlüğü Date : 29.11.2019 00:00
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