Face Shields to Healthcare Professionals

Last Update : 28.05.2020 00:00

Face shields produced by our university are delivered to healthcare professionals serving in our city.

Our University's Innovation and Technology Community started to produce face shields to support healthcare workers with the Pandemic process.

In the works carried out in the Mavi Çatı, which was rearranged for student communities, 30 facial protective shields were prepared for healthcare workers.

About 550 face shields produced as a result of intense effort were first delivered to the staff of MSKU Training and Research Hospital.

After that, the face shields produced by our students and faculty staff were delivered to the employees of Menteşe State Hospital.

Our Rector Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Çiçek, our Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Sırrı Sunay Gürleyük and our Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Ali Bayraktaroğlu visited Menteşe State Hospital and handed the face shields to Head Doctor Şadi Ballı.

Face shields will continue to be delivered to healthcare workers.

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