First Meeting Was Held Within the Scope of "Improving Student Satisfaction"

Last Update : 29.09.2019 00:00

The first two sessions of the "Voice of the Students’ group meetings were held within the scope of efforts to improve student satisfaction, improve the services and facilities offered to students, and improve the participation of students in decision-making processes.

Students were invited to the meetings with the slogan "Your University is waiting for you and your thoughts". The first meeting was attended by students who wanted to share their ideas and the administrative management and staff of the University.

At the meeting where mutual exchanges of ideas and opinions were conveyed, our students expressed their thoughts and demands on social facilities, campus life, education and city life.

It was stated that the meeting announcements should be followed from our social media accounts in order to attend the meetings which will continue throughout the academic year and are planned to meet with 100 students about 10 different titles.


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