Our Rector Attended a Series of Events on the occasion of " World Disability Day Held on December 3"

Last Update : 10.01.2019 00:00

People with special needs who receive services from the Care and Rehabilitation Centers for Disabled People, Muğla Governor Esengül Civelek and the Rector of our University Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Çiçek visited the residents of Muğla Abide Hasan Nuri Öncüer Nursing Home and met for lunch due to the World Day of Persons with Disabilities on 3 December.

In his statement regarding the visit, Rector Cicek said that the University's Barrier-Free Campus activities are always the most important, and that the biggest obstacle to disadvantaged individuals is unconsciousness. Following the statement, the Rector said; "December 3 is just an awareness day. We can build a more livable world by keeping this awareness alive every day. In fact, we have gathered two separate areas, the Green Campus and the Barrier-Free Campus, under one roof. Our aim in doing this was to bring together all the components of ‘Sustainable Campus’ together and to resolve the problems. Within this framework, we carry out our activities with a very strong and wide team. Today, we are very happy to be together with our private individuals and the residents of the nursing home.

Clearly the joy, hope and energy in their eyes put more responsibility on our shoulders. On this occasion, I wish all our disabled citizens a happy and peaceful life together with their families in the hope that they will continue to live in a world without barriers."

After visiting the nursing home, our Rector visited Muğla Disabled Association and presented the wheelchairs given to the association by the Security Department of the University.

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