Our University Continues to Ride to the Summit with the " Trail blazer Project”

Last Update : 08.09.2020 00:00

Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University (MSKÜ) has achieved the highest budget project success since its establishment by being entitled to lead the Erasmus + project with a budget of 805,030.00 Euros.

The project titled “Educational Capacity Strengthening for Risk Management of Non-native Aquatic Species in Western (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro)” European Union EPPKA2-Cooperation for Within the scope of the innovation and the exchange of good practices program, CBHE-JP Capacity Building in Higher Education (CBHE) - was accepted to be supported within the framework of the Joint Projects action  in which our University Faculty of Fisheries, Department of Basic Sciences, Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Ali Serhan Tarkan participated as executive director; Prof. Dr. Halit Filiz and Dr. Lecturer Nurçin Killi participated as researchers; Faculty of Science, Department of Biology, Assoc. Dr. Daniela Giannetto is a  researcher; Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, International Trade and Finance Department academic staff member Prof. Dr.Tuğba Uçma Uysal and Public Administration Faculty Member Ceray Aldemir participated as  researchers.With the project to be carried out for the risk management of non-indigenous aquatic species, it is aimed to strengthen the training capacity of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro countries in this field. This year, 1005 applications were made from all over the world for the call for "Capacity Building Projects in the Field of Higher Education", which is among the most prestigious projects at the international level. Only 164 studies were found successful among the applications. The only feature of the project eligible to work in the call CBHE will be carried out by Turkey, will be held at our university.  The project is also a big success in the sense that it has been the second project accepted by CBHE in Turkey since 2015.

With the strong project infrastructure established in our university in recent years and the motivation provided on this basis, the R&D targets are rapidly approached. Nowadays, when new paradigms are being discussed globally due to the pandemic, projects to be carried out in the field of education / training are of vital importance all over the world. This project we manage will focus on targets such as "improving the quality of higher education, developing new and innovative education programs, modernizing higher education systems". The project outputs, which is a historical step in determining the education / training vision of the future in higher education, are expected to have a great impact on the international science arena. The project, which made a difference in several areas, is very significant as being the second project in Turkey that has taken project execution from CBHE. In addition, the project, which will be carried out with a multidisciplinary approach by coming together from the fields of social and science, has the quality of being the "first Erasmus + project on educational curricula in Balkan countries".

This great success achieved within this framework is of great importance not only in terms of our university's R&D goals, but also in terms of our country's development goals and the global science arena.

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