Social Gender and Gender Equality" Course is in the Curriculum

Last Update : 26.08.2020 00:00

A course on “Gender and Gender Equality” will be given at our university in order to raise awareness on gender and gender-based violence issues.

Our university continues its efforts to prevent all forms of violence, especially violence against women, and to develop policies for social equality.

Last month, the university's administration held a meeting combating violence based on social gender inequality with the participation of representatives from the Women and Family Studies Application and Research Center, Student Rights Office, Public Health Board, Combating Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault Board, Addiction and Drug Abuse Board and academic staff who stand out with their work in these fields.

In this meeting, it was decided to carry out orientation studies on the subject, to organize the measures to be taken against the problems in all departments and programs of the University, to carry out joint studies with the Muğla Governorship, Municipality, Police Department, non-governmental organizations, student communities and the press within the scope of social responsibility and to organize a course on gender equality.

The first output of this meeting was the inclusion of the “Social Gender and Gender Equality” course in the curriculum. In the last meeting held by the University Senate, the framework of the "Social Gender and Gender Equality" course was determined.

The course, which aims to discuss the basic concepts in the field of gender and increase awareness on this issue, will be taught in undergraduate programs as an elective.

With the course that will be included in the curriculum in the next academic year, the students will be informed about the concepts of gender and gender equality, the individual and social destruction that will be caused by violence against women and sexism, and what methods should be followed in case of exposure to violence.

In the Social Gender and Gender Equality course, basic issues and current problems related to social gender and gender will be covered with a theoretical and practical method.

At the same time, with this course, students will be able to produce projects to promote gender equality and prevent gender inequality in society and the University.

With this course, it is aimed to provide students with the skills of evaluating social life from an egalitarian gender perspective and acting according to this perspective.

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