Teachers' Day was Celebrated in Our University

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A celebration program was held on November 24th for Teachers' Day.

The Provincial Director of National Education Pervin Töre, teachers in the province of secondary education institutions, teaching staff and students attended to the program in Atatürk Culture Center July 15 Democracy Martyrs Hall.In the program,   Robotic Coding Course   Instructors Res. As. Dr. Nevin Kozcu Çakır and Res. As. Dr. Gokhan Guven were awarded thanks by our Rector Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Çiçek.

Speaking at the opening of the program held in honor of Teachers' Day. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Çiçek said, “Today, we see that our teachers are aiming to educate students who can do coding, who are interested in art and can compete with the creative self-confidence world. The torches of Atatürk's effort to prevent ignorance throughout the country with unprecedented perseverance in the world are in our hands today. In fact, teachers, who are the trustees of a mission that keeps civilizations alive and carrying them to the future, have undertaken a heavy duty. Young generations, which are the guarantee of tomorrow, can only emerge in the hands of our teachers who are institutionalized, innovative, who know what they aim and who accept science as a pioneering focus. We, as the University, are constantly conducting scientific meetings on the subject of raising teachers with the awareness of this responsibility and we are working to train our teachers under the leadership of scientific developments. ”

  Dean of the Faculty of Education Prof. Dr. Bilal Duman emphasized the need to adopt a globalization-based education program by shifting from mass education to personalized education paradigm in order to educate students equipped with 21st century skills.

The 24 November Teachers' Day program ended after the concert prepared by the faculty members and students of the Department of Fine Arts Education of the Faculty of Education of the University, followed by poetry readings by the faculty members and students of Turkish Language Education, and the drama show of the Creative Drama Society.


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