Wheels Are Spinning for Republic Day

Last Update : 09.11.2020 00:00

Our University’s Sports Sciences Faculty and Ministry of Youth and Sports organized a “Wheels are Sinning for the Republic Day” tour on the occasion of October 29 Republic Day. The tour was at the Atatürk Monument, Süpüroğlu Restaurant, Ortaköy, Düğerek, and Atatürk Monument.

The bike tour attracted great interest despite the rain. Our Rector Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Çiçek, Dean of the Faculty of Sports Sciences Prof. Dr. Özcan Saygın, Head of Health, Culture and Sports Department Şamil Türkay Aktürk, Menteşe Youth and Sports District Manager Yavuz Karahasanoğlu, Menteşe Municipality Sports Manager Ahmet Niyazi Çağlar and Bicycle Federation’s Muğla Representative İlker Cömert attended the tour.

Medals prepared to commemorate the event were given to the cylists.

Our Rector Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Çiçek stated that they cared and supported such organizations and the development of the bicycle road network was extremely important in terms of alternative tourism. He added that he would like to thank everyone who contributed to this organization.

The Bicycle Tour, “Wheels Turning for the Republic”, ended at the Atatürk Monument, which was the starting point, with a 21 km of road, passing Ortaköy and Düğerek routes.

A series of events were held at Cumhuriyet Square within the scope of October 29 Republic Day and the 97th anniversary of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.

The activities started with reading the Turkish National Anthem at 19.23. A performance was presented by the Aksaz Naval Base Command Band Team. The Turkish flag was distributed to protocol members and citizens in front of the Atatürk Monument. After the band show, a laser lighting display and short film screening were held at the Muğla Governorship building.

Governor of Muğla, Orhan Tavlı, Mayor of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, Osman Gürün, Rector of our University Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Çiçek, Governor of Menteşe District Caner Yıldız, Muğla Provincial Police Chief Süleyman Suvat Dilberoğlu, Muğla Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Brigadier General Yusuf Kenan Topçu, Menteşe Mayor Bahattin Gümüş, members of political parties and non-governmental organizations, and citizens attended.


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